Singer-Songwriter NATHALAN Writing songs
for movies, TV and more

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1982 : Born in "La Drôme".
1994 : First guitar and training with Richard Tokoya.
1995-2000 : College and high-school bands time. First Live.
1999 : First instrumental compositions with the piano.
2001 : Starting Music school (he'll be graduated in Paris in 2005).
2002 : First song : « M’as tu dit » with the wich one he'll participate
to different competitions of singers playing their own.
2004 : First CD* of compositions for the piano "Les Tourments",
in the which one he composes 13 instrumental songs.
2007 : Second CD*, playtime, with famous songs and compositions: "Meltin' Potes",
made with some of his musicien friends.
Janvier 2008 : Second coming out of "Les Tourments", a hundreds of copies made.
This CD is the first one to be sold.
Septembre 2008 : Coming out of "Tjampur", by Richard Tokaya and Nathalan.
This 14 songs record take us for a ride thru the most popular folk songs.
Try different things : on one hand, movie songs (instrumental songs) and on the other hand new songs.
At this time, Nathalan wrote about 50 songs and 30 instrumental songs.

* (self-production)